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updated January 30, 2014

AMHS In the News: What game? . . .
The Oakland Press, January 31, 2013.

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What is America's Marketing High School?

America's Marketing High School is a nationwide online business/marketing curriculum with Professor Mike Bernacchi's (University of Detroit Mercy) podcasts, marketing/advertising newsletters, and modular lectures. It also features a capstone project based on America's grandest marketing/advertising event, the Super Bowl.

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While the podcasts, newsletters, and lecture modules are sequenced in a presentation format, any of them may be omitted and/or reordered according to the desires of the classroom teacher. All podcasts and lecture modules have supporting classroom materials.

National Standards
for Curriculum

We have aligned America's Marketing High School curriculum with a number of national marketing educational standards. Our hope is that our unique approach to education is useful, enjoyable and beneficial to you and your students.

We welcome you to America's Marketing High School and we look forward to serving secondary education throughout America.

Introduction to America's Marketing High School

The ten-fifteen minute podcasts highlight significant marketing and advertising events from the past week or so. These highlights immediately contemporize and update those ever changing worlds of marketing and advertising.

Professor Bernacchi has published his marketing-advertising newsletter - called "Under the Mike-roscope" - for over 20 years averaging 65-75 issues a year. Each issue treats a current topic - whether it is summer movies, back to school shopping, holiday retail, the Super Bowl, Easter, etc. These newsletters will help your classroom be here and now, all the time.

In the News
This recently added component to our program provides access to current events and resources, including interviews recently given by your presenter on various topics. You may choose to get connected to this info or not.

Lecture Modules
Currently, there are 21 lecture modules in the curriculum. They range from 10 to 25 minutes in length. The first 5 relate to the global and domestic worlds of economics and advertising. The last 7 modules are anchored by the Super Bowl, and the rest are Special Interest modules.

Super Bowl Survey
The Super Bowl lectures/modules culminate with participating students rating Super Bowl ads "real time" and then submitting them immediately online following the game. No matter where you are, all Super Bowl ad raters are invited to participate in Professor Bernacchi's annual Super Bowl Ad Nauseam Pizza, Pop, Pretzel and Press Party on Water Cooler Monday when the results from the high school poll are revealed. Professor Bernacchi has been hosting these parties for more than 20 years at the University of Detroit Mercy.

Click here to view the Super Bowl Ad Nauseam Survey results and video of the Super Bowl Ad Nauseam Party.